Paul & Sparkle & Spin


‘Through harmony and rhythm, resonance and pitch, Ann Rand inspires readers to listen to the tuneful play of her text as it sings off each page. Illustrated with graphic designer Paul Rand’s colourful, witty artwork, Sparkle and Spin is a children’s classic that reveals to young readers the power and music in the words they use every day.’

Paul Rand’s bold, minimalist and vibrant works have had a huge influence on the worlds of design and illustration. In particular, the pieces he created for Sparkle and Spin have a playful immediacy that’s hard to resist. The way type is used within each composition is amazing. Words become characters and delivery meaning in a seamless choreography of shape, colour and texture. 

Our kids prints, designed by Lorna Freytag are a homage to Paul Rand.
You can buy a copy of Sparkle and Spin over at Present & Correct.



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